TripAdviser Reviews

What are these reviews & where can I see?

TripAdvisor is a website which advises its users about hotels, experiences, restaurants, flights, holiday home etc. Users on TripAdvisor write their experiences about their stay in a hotel, restaurant or holiday home which are listed on the website. Based on that reviews other users can decide whether to visit a hotel or not.
If you own a business & its listed on TripAdvisor then these positive reviews on TripAdvisor will be helpful for you to get more business.

How this works?

You need to just pass on the TripAdviser link of your business to us. We will start delivering reviews on that page from users who are registered with TripAdvisor.

Why should I purchase this package?

- Positive reviews of businesses on websites like TripAdvisor always brings more customers.

- This created positive impression among people who are looking for services which you’re offering.

- To increase the loyal users positive reviews are essential.

At what stage would these reviews be helpful for my product?

As soon as you launch your business listing on TripAdvisor, you can contact us to get reviews for your business.

What quantity should I buy?

You can buy unlimited reviews from Pur TripAdvisor users.

Are these reviews legit or fake?

Yes, of course they are 100% legit.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

- You need to provide us text to be added in the reviews from our users. We will ask our users to add the same.

- Your business should be listed & live on TripAdvisor.

What should I expect from this campaign?

- Very authentic reviews from authentic users of TripAdvisor.

- Increased visitors to your TripAdvisor business page.