APK Installs

What is APK Installs?

APK is the file type of the Android Apps. You can promote your .apk file on our network before uploading it on the Google Play Store. Many developers use this method to test the app before going live on the Google Play Store. Some apps which Google Play doesn’t allow to upload on their platform due to their platform policy like Dream 11, such apps you can promote with us.

How this works?

Like any other advertisement we promote your APK file with banners ads in other apps (in-app advertisement). Once user shows interest in your app by looking at the banner ad then they install it on their Android device.

Why should I purchase it?

- To get new users for your app.

- To test your app before going live on the Google Play Store.

At what stage would these installs be helpful for my app?

As soon as your APK is ready, we can start promoting it.

What quantity should I buy?

We can offer you unlimited installs.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

Your app (APK file) should be available on your website or any other server.

What should I expect from this campaign?

- Increased user base for your APK

- For new apps, before going to buy huge number of installs one can test the APK file, fix the bugs & crashes then go for bigger round of budget.

How to track installs?

1. Analytics: If your APK is been integrated with tools like Google Analytics to check the number of installs delivered from particular source then you need share the report with us.

2. Custom Tracker:If you have your custom tracking dashboard in place for each sources then you need to share the credentials of your dashboard with us.