a. Is there a limit to how many mobile app marketing campaigns I can run at one time?

- No, you can run as many campaigns as you want simultaneously. However, we do suggest that all campaigns have clearly defined metrics in order to make tracking ROI and traction easier.

b. Can I start and stop campaigns?

- Yes, you can pause the campaign from your dashboard. Upon termination of the campaign, remaining amount will be added to your Adglobi account immediately.

c. Why am I not seeing an increase in downloads?

- There are many possible reasons you might not see an immediate spike in downloads in relation to your mobile app promotion campaign. Some of the more common reasons include the following:

Large app size

Low traffic in selected country

Change to app logo/title during campaign

Low app rank (affects visibility to users)

For more information on this, contact your account manager, or get in touch with us directly by emailing